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Silk Scarf - Dawn


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The design I’m sporting here is called “Dawn”. I’m and early bird and wake up with the “real” early birds singing outside my window. Day after day this sets up a chain reaction: I jump on the bed of my humans and gently wake them up with a wirlwind of licks, kisses and tail wags. My dawn design is fresh and exciting just like the new day that awaits. My humans are lucky they can spend it with me.

  • Silk twilly in tight weave pure 100% silk
  • Made in the North of Italy - the birthplace of the most luxurious world renowned silk scarves
  • Measures 86 x 5cm (33" x 2”)
  • Vibrant and colourfast
  • This small, yet iconic silk accessory can be tied around everything to bring a whimsical but sumptuous touch to your everyday looks
  • This is next level luxury for us furries. It's human grade and perfectly safe for them too so it's okay if your two legged owner steals it from you now and then.
  • "Why not?!" they said and wrapped the made in Italy silk scarf around my neck. They never looked back.

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